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Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.


Your safety is our priority. We guarantee a comprehensive insurance and also an ISI marked helmet. With all new bikes and a strict maintenance policy, you can keep calm and ride

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We have Bike Rental Hubs’ in different parts of the Delhi, so you’d never go 'OffBikes'. Reach out to us from wherever you are and we’ll fix you right up!

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You can count on us for the best bike rental prices in the Delhi! Find a plethora of weekly offers on our site and cut your wallet some slack.

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Be it everyday commute, road trips and tour packages, riding gears, exclusive bike merch or refurbishing and maintenance - we have them all!

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Bikes that are Assured with Wheelstreet will be of the highest possible quality.

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Get all your favourite bikes for rent at the lowest possible price on the bike rental market.

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Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.


What documents do you need to show while booking?

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Complete care of the riders is maintained in bike rental services in Delhi. Apart from maintaining good quality bikes, bikers’ security is also ensured. Thus following things needs to be noted when you are going to take a bike rental service;

  • A valid driving license is mandatory
  • Verify the documents of the rental bike

You need to submit an ID proof before you rent a bike. Well, the ID proof is kept by the owner till the time the biker returns the bike. Add-on, the ID proof should not be the driving license. It can be anything else that genuinely depicts who you are. One more criterion you need to keep in mind before renting a bike is that bike rentals are provided to those who are not below 21 years. So if you are under 21 years, you need to wait to rent a bike. For the others, it is the easiest way to connect with the beauty of nature of the Delhi. Bike riding is the ideal way of exploring the beauty and adventure of Delhi.

Hero Impulse

We are here to listen from you deliver comfortable experience

The key specification of Hero Impulse is 149.2 cc engine, 13.0 PS power, 13.4Nm torque, 69.8 kmpl mileage, and disc brakes. These are some of the bikes that you can preferably use in the terrains. You can also check out the other variations available in bike rent in the Delhi. Bikes are top quality and highly maintained to give tourists a comfortable experience. You will receive a bike from your taste.


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Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.


Make your journey exciting by availing bike rental in Delhi Are you of the kind of person who always desires to drive life the way you wish? If yes, then bike rental in the Delhi is surely meant for you. Waiting for public transport is certainly boring. Much time of your vacation flew away waiting in the stop. And when you are in a private car, you surely can’t feel the actual aroma of the place. A way out from the boring situation goes through the bike rental services.
You will not miss your excitement. Rather feel the cold breeze that touches your face for welcoming you to Delhi. Some doesn’t wish to lose control of their life. They always wish to hold the handlebars of their bike turning it the way they wish. Bike rental in Delhi supports them with the most amazing rental service. Up in the bike, you can ride through the different lanes, exploring a new and exciting Delhi. Bike rental services include bikes as well as scooters. You can be assured of getting the finest bikes that enhances your experience.


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Walk in the Modern Light with the Bike on Rent in Delhi

Waiting for public transport is so back school thing especially when you have the option to avail bike on rent in Delhi. No matter what your age is, you will always like to hold the steering in your hand and riding on the roads, and reaching your destination on time. Bus or any other road transport doesn’t give you the same facility. You have to wait for long minutes or even hours waiting for your bus. In such cases, sometimes one might not reach his/her destination on time. That is certainly sad as we understand that your work is important and reaching on-time proves your sense of timing. No compromise can be made on that ground. If you estimate the time of your waiting then you will find out that you have wasted a major of your time waiting at the bus stop. There is no point in grieving for what is gone. You can still make a wise decision by taking our bike rental in Delhi.

In your college days, don’t you feel jealous seeing your friend coming to college driving his own bike? Certainly yes that happens with everyone. But at the same time, you can get the solution by availing our services. Our services are offered at reasonable pricing to make sure that everyone gets facility from it. Everything is available on online medium today. Then why not bike rental services? It is now time to make your friend jealous. Enter the college by riding a Harley Davidson or a Royal Enfield. Can you think about what estimate everyone will make about you? Your standard will certainly get raised.
Want to take your girlfriend on a ride? Do you want to impress her? The best option comes from our bike rental in Delhi. We are man’s best friend and that is why we leave no chance to make your ride a memorable one. Well, just tell us the occasion and we can suggest the best bike for you. You might have heard your friend got into trouble while taking his girlfriend on a ride due to the bad condition of the bike. Well, such things never happen when you take service from our agency. We do maintenance of each bike before sending it to you. We assure you that your bike will never get break down in the middle of the road. No issues will ever be faced when you take our bike on rent in Delhi.

Don’t you wish to lose control of your life at any cost? Well, then you need to take our service when you are on the road. Some people love to hold the steering of their life, deciding which way to move. We support them. Holding the handlebars of the bike you can give a new direction to your journey. But never forget to inform us about your decision of changing the direction of the journey. We assure you that you will get support from us. The pricing of our service is not high. Clients have always considered it to be reasonable. The pricing of our bikes depends on the bike or the route you choose.

Close your eyes and think how will you feel when the cold air touches your face? Awesome… The experience can’t be express in words. Well, such a feeling can’t be experienced by sitting inside a car. You are to be out opening your arms and allowing the air to welcome you. That is exactly what is possible when you take our services. As you ride on our bikes you get the chance to experience the beautiful terrains while welcoming the cold breeze to kiss you on your forehead. It becomes a direct contact with you and nature. You can’t miss it. Our services give you the chance to feel the aroma of the place. Many unknown places get veiled up as you start your journey in a car. Many a time travel providers are not interested in showing up the hidden gems. Well on a bike, you hold the steering and the brakes. You can bend your bike at any turn or can stop at a place, enjoying the offering of the place.

Things turn out to amazingly beautiful when you take our services. You get a new way of witnessing the beauty of the place. Stop at every place you can and enjoy the tasty food that holds the aroma of the place. In fact, we can guide you about the attraction of the place. You will always feel titillation in your nerves that encourages you to fill your vacation with amazing sensations. There are many places in Delhi where your car driver will never dare to take you. The simple reason is the crowd of the place. Well, with the steering in hand and a bike you can travel through every narrow street. Reach to" ev the extreme corner of the street with our bikes.

Availing of the Best Bike Hire in Delhi

Why do you need to choose us? Undoubtedly there are many service providers who claim to offer amazing bike hire in Delhi. Some are doing well. But others showcase pictures of top-notch bikes and render services of the worst one. That is surely disappointing. Some agencies charge high which forces the clients to cut off their maximum fun. We understand you and that is what enriches us with the power of giving you an amazing service. We know that you will never recommend us to your known if we render you adulterated service. That is why we make sure that clients get top class services from us.

We showcase what we have. And that is what makes us the favorite of the clients. We never apply any sort of filters in the pictures of our bikes. You will get your bike in original form as you have viewed in the picture. We can assure you of that. Moreover, we come up with a large variety giving you the chance to choose the bike you have always dreamt of. Our bikes can be rented for a day as well as week and month too.

We too are bike lovers. And never want to hand over the steering to anyone else. Thus, we understand that car services are very disappointing when you wish to feel nature in your senses. Such fun is usually offered by bike only. But we have witnessed that taking our own bikes to unknown places were really difficult. It needs special maintenance. Moreover, support should be ready at every point. Thinking of everything we came up with our bike rental services. Avail our service on the bike on rent in Delhi. As said earlier, we love bikes and have identified the issues faced while traveling on their own bikes. So we bring to you a handful number of the most exotic bikes. Some are usually seen on the road whereas some are the ones you see in your dreams. Check out our Harley Davidson or our collection of Royal Enfield. In fact, we have Honda Activa too in our collection. That is not all in our collection. You will get KTM Duke to Yamaha Fazer in our agency. We always conduct a quality check of bikes before and after they are provided for service. We never make any compromise when it is all about the fantastic bikes we possess.

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